Morning Recall

Three times a week, pupilsin years 7-10 are provided with a recall task. This involves being provided with a short piece of text for them to read which relates to a topic that they are currently studying or that they have recently studied in one of their subjects. The following morning during tutor time, they are provided with a short task which assesses their comprehension of the text as well as their ability to recall key information from it. All of the tasks are bespoke to a particular class and are provided by the teacher that works with the group ensuring that they are meaningful and contain an appropriate level of challenge. Tasks are cumulative meaning that as the week progresses, pupils could be asked questions about any of the information that they have received in that week.

The idea behind morning recall is to help pupils to develop strategies to support their ability to retrieve from memory key pieces of information and skills, both short term and long term. The ability to do so is essential in ensuring that the progress made in lessons is embedded and can be called upon and demonstrated in the future. The process also allows the class teacher that has set the tasks to identify any gaps in pupil knowledge and to adapt their planning accordingly in order to address them.

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