Pastoral Care

Our aim at St Aidan's is to support every pupils to achieve their full potential and we believe that young people achieve best when they feel happy and cared for at school.

As well as providing the best learning environments and support for our pupils, we also operate a pastoral system that ensures they know where to seek any extra help they need, both in and outside the classroom.

Every pupil is placed into a form class, led by a form tutor. 

Form tutors are the first port of call for any pastoral issues, both for pupils and parents. If necessary, issues can be passed up the line to the Year Leads and shared with Assistant Principal's dependent on the circumstance being dealt with. 

Staff are also supported by Mrs J Keane, our special educational needs coordinator (SENCO), and social inclusion coordination Mrs J Knight, who liaises with external agencies as appropriate regarding pupil welfare.


Internet Safety for Parents and Pupils:



Parents Guide to Cyber Bullying.pdf

Parents Guide to Facebook.pdf

Parents Guide to Instagram.pdf

Parents Guide to Snap Chat.pdf