Monday, 2nd October 2017

Here at St Aidan’s our weekly whole school Worship is the highlight of the week for both staff and students alike. We open with music playing around the academy. Once our academy is together in the main hall our Worship will begin, led by a different teacher each week, accompanied by students from each year group. Our Worship is a celebration, a time for reflection and a chance to come together to pray as a family.

This week we take part in a celebration of ‘New Beginnings’. Mrs Gibbon led our Worship this morning welcoming our new Year 7 students and recognising the year ahead for our Year 11 students. We welcomed our new staff to the academy and through music and scripture prayed for all of our ‘New Beginnings’.

This week our Worship follows our theme of the week of ‘Dedication’. Mr Martin led our Worship this morning with our Head Boy and Head Girl reading passages from scripture and Mrs Reid demonstrating her wonderful singing talent.

This week Worship will be led by Mr Stephenson around the theme of ‘Mercy’. This morning Mr Stephenson shared the story of Johnny and Alistair Brownlee and how their desire to help each other shone through. Mr Stephenson, with the help of some key stage 3 students, also shared the parable of the unmerciful servant.

This week Worship follows our theme of ‘Knowledge’ and will be led by Mrs Garthwaite. This morning Mrs Garthwaite shared her thoughts on how knowledge links to education and she shared stories from around the world. This wonderful Worship also saw the debut of our very own choir here at St Aidan’s accompanied by Mr Murray.

This week Worship will be led by Mrs Lancaster focussing on ‘Peace’. This morning was a very sombre Worship highlighting why we should all still pray for peace across the world. Students spoke about peace in Northern Ireland and our very own Mr Irvine spoke about his experiences in his childhood.

Our Worship this week will be led by Mr Smith on the theme of ‘Wisdom’.