Act of Worship

‘Acts of Worship’ are an integral part of life at St Aidan's, having a unique and significant contribution to pupils’ spiritual and moral development and to the distinct Christian ethos of the Academy.

The Academy has a specific theme and value which changes weekly, with topics that reflect both Christian and British values. These can range from the ‘Teachings of Jesus’ to ‘Democracy’.

The full Academy Act of Worship each Friday morning is a highlight of the week for pupils and staff. St Aidan’s approaches act of Worship in a contemporary but contemplative approach which engages pupils and enables them to consider the world around them.

In addition to our full Academy Act of Worship, each year group meets weekly to celebrate achievements whilst using the theme for that week as the basis of their worship.

Pupils also have the opportunity to reflect in tutor times, with a weekly reflection and discussion where pupils can consider spiritual and moral issues, explore their own beliefs and develop their own spirituality.

Whilst our 'Acts of Worship' are Christian in basis, every effort is made to ensure they are inclusive to pupils of all faiths and none.

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