Key Stage 4 - Study Matrix 2021 – 2022


To embed pupil creativity and ability to critically reflect on their own and the work of others. To apply their research into the Historical context of Photography and explore a range of movements and skills. To explore how photography is linked to a range of careers and embed an aspirational culture within the classroom. To refine independent working and confidence in their own abilities to create – the highest of blooms hierarchical thinking skills.


Each year of study within Art and Design explores the core principles of; research, recording, evaluating and analysing, experimenting and creating. The content each year become more complex and requires more critical thinking and rigorous understanding of Art and Design. Pupils already have an embedded knowledge of the four core principles within Art and Design through their studies at KS3, year 9 allows them to allow these principles to another discipline within Art as well become familiar with the style of working expected at KS4. Pupils refine their knowledge in each core principle and develop their understanding in Art being more than just drawing and painting.


Pupils study the core principles outlined below throughout KS4.

Research The work of artists, designers, crafts people, film makers and sculptors is researched. The historical context of art is explored and pupils develop their understanding of the historical and cultural development of art.
Record Pupils explore a range of techniques and skills. Allowing them to become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques
Evaluate and Analyse The work of others as well as their own work is evaluated and analysed. Developing pupils critical understanding of art as well as developing their subject specific language through the use of tier 2 and 3 vocabulary
Experiment and Create Produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences in relation to a range of sources and ideas.


The impact will be confident and creative pupils who show a critical understanding of photography across a range of disciplines. They will show a confidence in being able to create work within a range of contexts and will be able to work independently with confidence. Pupils will have a broader vocabulary with which to describe the visual world and will better understand the importance of art in shaping the world we live in. Pupils have a passion for photography and show great pride in their own work. 

Year 9
Autumn 1 Research: Introduction to photography. Portraiture

Shutter speed

Record: Recording own images in relation to skill. Evaluate and Analyse: Evaluating and analysing artists work and each skill taught.
Autumn 2 Research: Coursework project Artist research. Record: Recording work relating to theme. Evaluate and Analyse: Analysing the effectiveness of outcomes. Experiment and Create: Composition, colour and final piece mock ups. Final piece for project.
Spring 1 Research: Exam introduced Research chosen theme.

Select and research artists.

Record: Recording own images and studies in choice of media. Working in the style of artists. Record: TRIP – RECORD OWN PHOTOGRAPHS Research: Evaluate artists, outcomes and work in relation to context.
Spring 2 Evaluate and Analyse: Final piece preparation, refinement of outcomes, experimenting with ideas and materials in preparation for 10-hour exam. Experiment and Create
Summer 1 Refinement of coursework . Record Research Evaluate and Analyse
Summer 2