Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4 - Study Matrix 2021 – 2022


At St Aidan’s we aim to deliver a high-quality citizenship education which helps to provide pupils with knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them to play a full and active part in society. In particular, citizenship education should foster pupils’ keen awareness and understanding of democracy, government and how laws are made and upheld. Teaching should equip pupils with the skills and knowledge to explore political and social issues critically, to weigh evidence, debate and make reasoned arguments. It should also prepare pupils to take their place in society as responsible citizens, manage their money well and make sound financial decisions.


At St Aidan’s CE Academy, we believe that it is imperative to equip pupils with the knowledge and understanding of how to be a successful citizen. Given the demographics of our academy, it is essential that aspirations are developed, the law is understood and finances can be correctly managed so that pupils are able to live in the wider community with an awareness of successfully managing adulthood.


At St Aidan’s we ensure Citizenship is delivered to a high standard to enable all pupils to have a broad and balanced knowledge of citizenship and the values it encompasses:

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 a foundation is built and as a minimum we cover:

Key Stage 4


Throughout life at St Aidan’s we offer a Citizenship curriculum appropriate to each individual child. Our curriculum is delivered in a fully inclusive manner. Pupils are provided with a balance of financial, governance and topical education. We promote the impact that a good knowledge of Citizenship can have on a pupils’ mental health and well-being. Pupils have access to a highly differentiated revised curriculum which caters for the needs of the local area and for the academy as a faith school. The range of experiences and knowledge is intended to provide for pupils’ increasing self confidence in their ability to manage themselves, their finances and their understanding of the world we live in. 

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Autumn 1 British values: Parliament British values: Politics & Democracy British values: The commonwealth British values: The justice system
Autumn 2 British values: The monarchy British values: Voting and elections British values: British values
Spring 1 Finance: Saving, spending & budgeting Finance: Managing money Finance: Credit cards & debt
Spring 2 Finance: Managing money Finance: Wages and benefits Finance: Taxes
Summer 1 British values: The law Community: Volunteering Community: Community project Community: Raising aspirations & social mobility
Summer 2 Community: Being a good citizen in the community Community: Being a good citizen in the community Community: Being a good citizen in the community