Principal's Welcome

Welcome to St Aidan’s Academy, a school aiming to be outstanding, inspiring all of our pupils and delivering transformational change.

Through high quality, relevant teaching and opportunities, it is our intention that all pupils are motivated, enjoy their learning, grow in self -awareness and self -esteem and experience success.

Our dedicated staff seeks to provide pupils with outstanding care and guidance so they can flourish and achieve their full potential, developing their character and embracing values that will continue to support them in their lives after school.

We encourage pupils to be ambitious and to aim for high standards in everything they do: in how they present themselves, in their attendance, in their commitment to their studies and in their attitude to both themselves and others. We provide incentives and rewards to support all pupils to be the very best they can be. Our Christian ethos informs our core values which, in turn, are reflected in the behaviours and habits we aim to see on a daily basis; the values of faith such as care, respect, honesty, generosity, selflessness, forgiveness, integration and reconciliation.

St Aidan’s is a mutually respectful community. We value the role of the academy at the heart of the community it serves, allowing us to grow together through new opportunities and experiences for all, in the pursuit of developing a lifelong passion for learning.

Mr A Martin

Acting Principal