Student Council

We believe it is important for students to have a voice in the academy, to have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and to understand the principles of democracy.

We have a number of senior student roles for which students can apply. Successful candidates are selected by Mrs Gibbon and the academy senior leadership team.

Head Boy and Head Girl

Students in Year 10 can apply for our most senior student positions, which they take up in Year 11. Candidates must give a presentation as to why they should be selected, followed by a whole-school vote. The Head Boy and Head Girl are supported by Deputies.

In addition, a student head of year is appointed for each year group.

For 2016/17, our student leaders are:

Head Boy: Jack Harrison
Head Girl: Molly Shaw

Deputy Head Boy: Rhiannan Wood
Deputy Head Girl: Ben Beaumont

Head of Year 10: Ashley Bowers
Head of Year 9: Nathan Johnson / Kira Simpson
Head of Year 8: Dylan Scott
Head of Year 7: Naomi Gibson

School Council

The School Council represents the whole student body and meets regularly to discuss issues. It reports to the staff heads of year and key stage heads.

Students can apply to serve on the School Council. Prospective candidates are interviewed by teachers and Year 11 students before successful council members are appointed. Each year group has at least two members on the School Council.