Student Council

The Academy Council at St Aidan’s engages and encourages the young leaders within our education system.

The Academy council for each year group meet weekly and play a significant role within the development and progress of the school focusing on Christian values and the well-being of their peers, whilst developing a safe environment allowing all students to access learning.

In addition to the Academy Council, 2018 has introduced the Student Academy Leadership Team (SALT). The team consists of 15 members who have been selected based on their individual leadership qualities.

The purpose of the team is to continue improving St Aidan's vision 'we are destined for greatness', with all members having key roles which include:

- Organising and delivering Academy worships throughout the Academy

- Working closely with SLT to implement new ideas

- Caring and supporting other year groups and helping them to feel safe whilst in school

- Ensuring the climate and culture of the school is maintained in all aspects of the Academy

- Creating opportunities for students and the local community

The student leadership team is introduced to students during Act of Worships from year 7-10. All students are welcome to express an interest to their form tutors and are selected based upon their potential to lead, inspire and direct the progress of the Academy.

Year 7

Year Captains: Frey Qu and Jac Hay

7B: Tyl Mel and Tor Buc

7C- Cai Joh and Tyl All

7H: Dil Har and Bia Ste

7W: Am Cut and Rya Mar

7X: Mar Ho and Pai How