A smart school uniform plays an important role supporting our academy ethos.

We expect all students to wear the correct uniform properly, both in and outside school, and to feel proud of the school it represents. We want students to be ambassadors for the academy and to create the right impression when in the community.

A uniform sets the tone for each school day - that we are ready to work hard, we are aiming for high standards and caring for one another equally. We want all students to take pride in looking smart and professional; if everyone wears a uniform, no-one stands out so a uniform can also help to reduce bullying.

At home, it is a practical answer to getting ready for school quickly and represents better value for money than fashion items.

We recommend that all students' clothing and personal belongings are clearly labelled with their name.

Compulsory items of uniform

New PE kit

Year 7 and Year 8 (compulsory) / Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 (optional)

Optional items available for purchase include:

Personal appearance

The Year 11 tie

Our Year 11 students wear a different tie to the rest of the student body. The tie signifies the seniority of our older students and symbolises the additional privileges and benefits they receive. However, it can also be taken away for misdemeanours.