Physical Education

2018 again brought record results in PE for the second year running. St Aidan’s achieved a 100% pass rate for BTEC Sport, 24.14% achieving the equivalent of a level 7-9. Moving forward, it is integral that every pupil learns and progresses in PE to develop their physical literacy, interpersonal skills and knowledge to enable them to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education is a huge part of St. Aidan’s Academy life and as a department; we have the desire to pass on our enthusiasm for the subject to all pupils. The values and beliefs that we instil in sport extend much further than the playing fields and are the basis for a happy, healthy and successful life.

We believe that education is a lifelong process and all teachers should strive for their students to become healthy, happy, confident and independent individuals who endeavour for excellence while giving to others the respect and care they deserve. Additionally, Physical Education enhances the development of young people by teaching them to overcome barriers, deal with failure and developing social skills both internally and in our community.

The PE department aims to raise the aspirations of young people of all abilities and every social background by educating them to the highest measurable standards by providing them with a varied rich diet of activities and experiences. Life skills such as leadership, problem solving, organisation and willingness to learn are developed continuously in PE. We provide opportunities for pupils to participate in different roles, such as performers, leaders and officials, which provides the opportunity for pupils to plan, perform and evaluate independently and as part of a team.

We have excellent facilities on our academy site and some we share with Eastbourne Sports Complex. Our facilities include:



Summary of subject content


In Years 7 and 8, all pupils are timetabled to one double lesson (100 minutes) and three single lesson (50 minutes) of PE across two weeks. Pupils will work on becoming more competent and successful in applying skills and techniques across different sports and activities. In PE, we aim to deliver an outstanding 5-year GCSE/BTEC programme where content from both the GCSE and BTEC Specification is fundamental to lessons allowing pupils to be successful in the examination courses.

Within the KS3 curriculum, pupils will take part in the following activities; Football, Netball, Rugby, Basketball, Fitness (Healthy, Active lifestyles), Badminton, Cricket, Athletics, Rounders, Tennis and Softball with leadership being a huge focus across all areas.

Pupils will be assessed in each sport / activity they participate in. Pupils are assessed both practically and on their knowledge and understanding of each sport. Bespoke intervention will be given to each pupil to support their needs and enable them to progress and develop physically and mentally.

Scheme of Work

Healthy Active Lifestyles




All pupils take the BTEC Sport course in PE. Pupils in Year 9, 10 and 11 will receive 5 single lessons (50 minutes) across the two week timetable.

BTEC Sport has 2 compulsory units; Unit 1 - Fitness for Sport and Exercise (Exam) and Unit 2 - Practical Sports Performance (Controlled Assessment). Unit 1 is computer-based exam. It is worth 25% of the final marks for the course. Unit 2 involves the students performing in 2 sports and completing controlled assessments on these two sports. This is also worth 25% of the final grade. The students must also complete two more units, each worth 25% of the final grade. These will be selected based on the strengths of the group and can include; leading an event, personal training, sports psychology and sports physiology.

Pupils receive their own bespoke intervention trackers where they can clearly see their strengths, areas for improvement and how to progress further in BTEC Sport. Intervention for BTEC Sport is available every Monday night in room 170W with Mrs Cowley.

Scheme of Work

BTEC Sport Unit 1

BTEC Sport Unit 2

BTEC Sport Unit 3

BTEC Sport Unit 4

PE Enrichment

We have an extensive range of after school PE Enrichments at St Aidan's. Clubs offered are seasonal and will vary throughout the year.

Practices are open to all pupils. Fixtures are organised for teams to represent the academy in inter school matches, region and national competitions.

Events that we attend and compete in throughout the year include; Boys and Girls Football - local leagues and national tournaments, Girls Netball - local leagues and national tournaments, Rugby - festivals and regional tournaments, Cricket – local tournaments, Town Athletics, Indoor athletics (KS3), Girls Rounders – local and regional, Town Cross Country – local, regional and national, Town Dance festival (all Years), Secondary School games (KS3), Basketball – local and regional and Kabaddi.

We have built up links with many local clubs including those that use the academy and Sports Complex facilities which will help pupils to continue to develop their skills, performance and passion for their sports and activities. Some of these can be found on our website.

PE Enrichment timetable

Monday 14:50 - 16:30
BTEC Sport Intervention / Revision – Mrs Cowley

Tuesday 14:50 - 16:30
Basketball KS3 – Darlington Storm

Wednesday 14:50 - 16:30
Badminton – Mr Goodman
Rugby (Y7, 8 & 9) – Mr Goodwin
Girls netball – Mrs Cowley

Thursday 14:50 - 16:30
Football Y7 – Mr Taylor
Football Y8 – Mr Goodwin
Football Y9 – Mr Irvine
Football KS4 – Mr Henry
Girls football – Mr Goodman

Friday 14:50 – 15:45
Badminton Staff vs. Pupils – PE Staff

Exam Results

BTEC Sport 100% Pass rate

Career Opportunities

We have links with The QE Sixth form and Darlington College where we take all Sport students for taster sessions where they can meet staff and students to find out more about the sports courses which are offered.

Careers include but are not limited to:

  • PE Teacher
  • Physiotherapist
  • Sports Coach
  • Sports Scientist
  • Sports Performer
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Nutritionist
  • Personal Trainer

Additional Revision Sessions

Revision and catch up sessions run throughout the year for BTEC Sport. These sessions include practical, theory or controlled assessment. They are timetabled every Monday 3:00 – 5:00. Please speak to your BTEC Sport teacher if you wish to attend. Some sessions may be compulsory.

For any queries, please contact the PE department.