The Music department aims to deliver an enjoyable and challenging curriculum to all pupils, which offers breadth and differentiation.

Learning is essentially hands-on and pupils experience a range of integrated listening, composing and performing opportunities. Students have the chance to use a range of instruments such as keyboards, guitars, drum kits and percussion instruments whilst broadening their knowledge of musical styles and genres.

Summary of subject content


Students are taught on a carousel with Drama.

Music is taught in a variety of ways through activities that combine performing, composing and appraising. This gives students theoretical knowledge about the common musical elements upon which all music is built, which can then be used to help improve their own compositions and performances.


Exam board: AQA

There are four units in GCSE Music and students must complete them all. They learn about musical language and explore the elements underlying the organisation of sound, through listening to music, performing individually and in a group, composing and appraising music.

The units are:

Unit 1: Listening to and appraising music, written paper, 80 marks, 20% of the final grade
Unit 2: Composing and appraising music, externally assessed, 40 marks, 20% of the final grade
Unit 3: Performing music, controlled assessment, 60 marks, 40% of the final grade
Unit 4: Composing music, controlled assessment, 30 marks, 20% of the final grade.

Students are encouraged to:

It is extremely helpful if parents and carers ensure their children maintain a regular practice routine.