The aim of the history department is to develop the enthusiasm of learners through delivering history lessons in an innovative yet academic manner. The department wants to give all students the opportunity to learn about fascinating developments relating to the past both in terms of British history and world history.

Summary of subject content


Year 7

Year 7 - Introduction to History

The course content for students in Year 7 covers 6 modules:

Module 1: Historical skills and a historical mystery
Module 2: Romans
Module 3: Medieval realms
Module 4: Medieval realms
Module 5: Medieval monarchs
Module 6: Japan

Scheme of Work

Year 7 - Autumn

Year 8

The course content for students in Year 8 covers 6 modules:

Module 1: Tudors
Module 2: Stuarts
Module 3: Industrial revolution
Module 4: Life in Hitler’s Germany and WW1
Module 5: Life in Hitler’s Germany and WW1
Module 6: United Nations

Scheme of Work

Year 8 - Autumn

Year 9

The course content for students in Year 9 covers 6 modules:

Module 1: Native Americans
Module 2: Jack the Ripper
Module 3: Slavery
Module 4: WW2
Module 5: The Holocaust
Module 6: Titanic

Scheme of Work

Year 9 Summer


Year 10 and Year 11

The GCSE course content covers 3 units over the 2 years:

Unit 1A: Medicine through time
Unit 2A: The American Wild West
Unit 3: Historical enquiry - history around us

Scheme of Work

Year 10 Summer

GCSE examination format

Students are examined and assessed in the 3 units studied as follows:

Unit 1: Medicine through time –1hour 45mins written paper, worth 54 marks and 35% of the final grade;
Unit 2: The American Wild West –1hour 45mins written paper, worth 64 marks and 35% of the final grade
Unit 3: Historical enquiry –controlled assessment, worth 40 marks and 25% of the final grade.