Summary of the department:

St Aidan’s Academy Art department aims to develop pupils' visual understanding of the world around them; to develop thinking skills and set high standards of expression through a variety of media.

Pupils are encouraged continually to review their own work in relation to that of other artists, craftsmen and cultures.

Art and Design plays an important part in the curriculum by developing pupils' ability to:

Summary of subject content


Students experiment with a range of techniques and processes, building up the skills and experience needed to feel confident using these techniques independently in the future. They are encouraged to try thinking like an artist or designer.

Scheme of Work

Year 7

Year 8


Exam board: AQA

Unit 1: Personal portfolio in art and design, weighted at 60 per cent of the course.

Unit 2: An externally set assignment in art and design, weighted at 40 per cent of the course.

Students explore a range of techniques and skills to prepare them for their main coursework unit. They have the opportunity to develop their drawing skills and experiment with a range of techniques such as digital photography, painting, print-making and ceramics.

They will become familiar with the assessment objectives for GCSE art, and will need to explore the work of other artists, experiment with different techniques and record their ideas effectively as the project develops.

It is extremely helpful if students come properly equipped to lessons. Students are supplied with a sketchbook that has good quality drawing paper within it; this will last the whole year.

We also find if students are exposed to different types of art forms they are much more open-minded. Visits to the many galleries in the area and engagement with public sculpture is a great help when it comes to breaking down students’ preconceptions about art.

Home learning is an essential part of the course and students receive practical activities that expand on the skills they have learned in school. Each of these activities has a specific point, and execution to a high standard is essential. 

Scheme of Work

Year 9 Autumn Term

Year 9 Photography Autumn Term

GCSE 10 and 11 Autumn Term